Fusion for Teens (14+)
Miss Vanessa
Springbank Dancers (map and directions)
Monday, 7:45 PM - 9:15 PM
11/09/17 - 11/06/18 (35 weeks)

For our more recreational dancers who are maybe interested in taking only one class per week or for dancers who are new and would like to explore different options! "Fusion" incorporates multiple disciplines into one class and does not require dancers to be taking ballet outside of that class.  It does however include everything from Barre work, Across the Floor Material, Centre Technique, Strength/Conditioning, and Dance Combinations!

*Please note, as each class does attempt to cover multiple styles, dancers will have a productive learning year but it must be recognized that these dancers are more recreational and will not pass through the levels as quickly. For example, a dancer in Fusion may be exposed to multiple styles but may only cover 20-30min of Jazz technique a week and therefore will not accomplish as much in that style as a dancer in our regular Jazz stream, doing 1 to 1.5 hours of Jazz per week. We like to make clients aware of this so that if your dancer is interested in continuing with a certain style for many years to come, or is interested in joining with a group of dancers in our regular stream in the future, we may not recommend stick with the Fusion classes. 



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