Competition Choreography, Advanced (Jazz/Lyrical/Contemp)
Springbank Dancers: Studio A - first floor (map and directions)
Thursday, 7:45 PM - 9:45 PM
15/06/17 - 25/01/18 (32 weeks)

Competition Choreography is a scheduled time every week, where dancers from our competitive team meet to learn and practice choreography. It is NOT required for all competitors and dancers must be approved to participate in one of these classes. Each class will learn more than one group routine that will be taken to competition in the Spring so it is a great way to develop a strong routine with constant practice, and build great team spirit. 


This season we have introduced Hip Hop Competition Choreography Classes for those hip hoppers who would like to learn and perform a hip hop group routine at competition this season. It is a great way to get to be a part of our competitive team without the added weekend rehearsals!