Pre-Primary Jazz/Acro/Hip Hop
Miss Shana
Springbank Dancers: Yoga Studio - upstairs (map and directions)
Wednesday, 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
14/06/17 - 07/03/18 (37 weeks)


A great place for our younger dancers to start experiencing various styles and disciplines. With classes for age 4 through 6 we offer various combinations of Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Acro, and Hip Hop at differing times throughout the week. Combo classes are helpful for guiding your dancer into what styles may interest them and for building an essential foundation for growth. Combo may classes include: 

  • Creative Pre-Primary Jazz/Tap/Ballet/Acro (age 4+) 
  • Pre-Primary Jazz/Ballet (age 4+)
  • Pre-Primary Jazz/Acro (age 5+)
  • Primary Jazz/Ballet (age 5+)
***Each of these classes will incorporate elements of other disciplines, but these are just listed to clarify the main focus of the class.


Upcoming Meetings
28/02/18    1:45 PM Wednesday 28/02/18 1:45 PM
07/03/18    1:45 PM Wednesday 07/03/18 1:45 PM