Ballet Ankle Strengthening for Pre-Pointe
Miss Karen
Springbank Dancers: Studio B - first floor (map and directions)
Monday, 7:45 PM - 8:15 PM
11/09/17 - 11/06/18 (35 weeks)


This discipline is the foundation of technique and balance for all styles of dance. Discipline and creativity are used to improve flexibility, strength, and proper positioning. Ballet technique is essential for improvement and appropriate advancement in other styles of dance as well. Offering various levels including pre-primary to advanced, pointe, and pointe prep, as well as ballet barre specific classes for those more serious or interested in improving more quickly. Ballet is incorporated into almost all classes and is strongly encouraged for all ages by the staff and director at Springbank Dancers.

Upcoming Meetings
30/04/18    7:45 PM Monday 30/04/18 7:45 PM
07/05/18    7:45 PM Monday 07/05/18 7:45 PM
14/05/18    7:45 PM Monday 14/05/18 7:45 PM
21/05/18    <None> Monday (May Long Weekend) 21/05/18 (May Long Weekend)
28/05/18    7:45 PM Monday 28/05/18 7:45 PM
04/06/18    7:45 PM Monday 04/06/18 7:45 PM
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