Policies and Information for 2017/18

Please read the following information with your dancer and ensure you have no concerns.

Fees and Tuition:

  • Tuition is a total annual amount, broken down into a per month figure for your convenience. Therefore, we guarantee that the dancer will receive a minimum of 33 dance classes a year, outside of all holidays, including Christmas and Spring Break (please see “Important Dates”). Depending on the day of the week, there are some classes that may receive one or two more classes a year, these are seen as “courtesy” classes and payment will not be expected (therefore, if a class of this nature does have a cancellation during the season, there will be no refund issued, as long as the 33 minimum still gets offered).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your tuition payment and registration fee also includes care for your child during our Year End Recitals.
  • All class participants are required to pay a Registration Fee of $20.00/dancer or $35.00/family upon registering online. Your dancer’s spot will not be secure in a class(es) unless this registration fee is received.
  • All dancers (except those in Sessional Classes, Workshops, and some Technique Classes) will be participating in our year end Recitals, in mid June. The extra fees involved in this experience are costume purchases and ticket fees…
    • Each dancer will be responsible for purchasing a costume for each dance class they attend and costs may range from $65 - $125 per costume (invoices are sent out in approximately February)
    • There is also a charge for attending the show in the audience (dancers participating in the show are NOT required to buy tickets). The cost of tickets will be announced closer to the date, however usually around $20 per ticket. Please note, tickets are sold separately to each recital show and each ticket purchased will be specific to one performance (and are non-refundable)
  • Photo Week will be incorporated into your dancer's regular class time in May. During that week, your dancer will be pulled from their class for approximately 15-20min to take individual and group photos. The purchase of take-home photos is completely optional. Fees will be announced closer to the date, but you must be available to come in to the studio during that week to place your order. Late orders may accepted with an additional charge.
  • Please note, photos taken on Photo Day, Recital, during class, at competition/conventions, etc. may be used for promotional purposes and posted on the studio website at www.springbankdancers.com or through our other social media outlets. 
  • Competition is available for dancers age 5 and up. Competition is not mandatory for dancers, however if committed to doing so, there are extra fees involved. Please refer to the Competitors Handout Package for further details and information.
    • Competition Applications may be submitted up to the end of August, or prior to our mandatory Competitors Intensive in September. 


Tuition Payment Options:

  • Tuition may be paid upfront in one lump sum payment, via cheque, cash or credit (withdrawn upon receipt); or
  • Tuition may be paid through two lump sum amounts, via credit (first lump sum is withdrawn upon receipt, and second lump sum is withdrawn on February 1); or
  • Tuition may be paid through monthly payments, via automatic debit withdrawal. A VOID cheque is required at the start of the season and payments will be withdrawn on 1st of each month...payments will be broken down evenly between the number of months remaining in the season, following receipt of your VOID cheque. For example:
    • If your cheque is received in September, your full tuition amount will be broken down into 9 payments, October through June
    • If your cheque is received in November, your full tuition amount will be broken down into 7 equal payments, December through June


Late Payments and NSF Cheques:

  • Payments that are not received on time, will receive a $15.00 penalty fee, per month.
  • There will be a charge of $20.00 that will be applied and payment expected the following month for all NSF cheques.


Cancellations and Refunds:

  • The studio must receive immediate written notice should your child choose to no longer participate in his or her class in order to receive a refund for the remainder of the year. Refunds will begin the month following receipt of notice.
  • Please note that should a student withdraw during recital preparation season, he/she will still be held responsible for costume payments and will not receive refund for any recital tickets purchased.


Important Dates:

  • Please see website for the handout: it outlines all holidays, competition dates, costume dates, recital and rehearsal dates, etc. and should be read prior to the beginning of the year. The chosen holidays are based on our own calendar to when we see fit, and are not based solely on one School’s calendar).
  • Please note, both the Photo Week and Recital Dates are mandatory for full year dancers.
  • The "Important Dates" will be finalized by the end of the first week of classes in September.


Risk and Injury:

  • As with all physical activity, there is a risk to injury in each class offered at the studio.
  • Tuition payment and/or signing this form indicate the dancer’s (and his/her parents’) acknowledgement of this risk and assume all hazards involved, hereby not holding Springbank Dancers Inc. or any employee, subcontractor, or volunteer responsible or liable for injuries.


Rules and Studio Etiquette:

  • Each dancer is to arrive early to class to prepare and change quietly in the areas provided. As warm-up and stretching occur during the first 10-15 minutes of most classes, a dancer may be asked to sit out should he/she arrive more than 10 minutes late to class. This is not only out of respect for the teacher and other students, but for the safety of the dancer.
  • Hair must be off the shoulders and dress must follow the studio’s “Proper Class Attire Guideline,” (please see website or handout) unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.
  • All dancers are expected to pick up after themselves, including disposing of their garbage and storing their belongings with respect to others in the studio.
  • Dancers may be permitted to bring water in a closed bottle into the dance room, however are expected to have it kept to the side of the room. Should water spill, the dancer responsible is to clean it up immediately. This is not only for the preservation of our flooring, but more so for the safety of those in the dance room.
  • Dancers are expected to treat their teacher with respect and must be quiet during instruction. A class requirement is offering a “Thank You” to the teacher, accompanied by a curtsy at the end of each class.
  • Should a dancer be disruptive in class and/or disrespectful to either the teacher or other students, the teacher may ask the dancer to sit out or leave the room. Please note, this would be used in an extreme situation and therefore that student would not be refunded for the instruction time he/she had missed
  • Should a dancer cause damage or vandalism to the studio he/she, (and/or his/her parents) will be held liable for replacement or repair costs. We have a strict “zero tolerance” for vandalism and should a student be seen engaging in such activity, their participation at the studio may cease, without refund.
  • Each dancer is responsible for his/her own belongings and the studio may not be held responsible or liable for any lost/stolen items. We do provide a Lost and Found, however this is “courtesy” and will not always be kept under locked supervision. Please ensure all dancers leave the studio with what they came with and have not mixed up belongings or shoes with any other dancers.
  • Please ensure you have also reviewed the In-Class Studio Policies on the "Parents" page.


Code of Conduct

  • Our dancers, parents, and teachers must all respect and abide by the “Code of Conduct” as outlined at the start of the season (please see website or handout). Any client/participant, or teacher that does not respect the “Code” may be asked to leave Springbank Dancers Inc. and cease and further involvement with the studio, without refund.


Additional Studio Policies

  • Upon Registration, clients are required to read through the "Policies" as posted on the "For Our Parents" page. This may include, but is not limited to, Well Child Policy, Return to Play Policy, and Emergency Protocols. 
  • Should you wish to not move forward with any of our classes due to one of our Policies, your Registration Fee will be refunded to you prior to September.