Performance Team


Involves taking required classes, learning pieces to perform at events, fundraisers, festivals, etc. practicing and rehearsing routines and travel. The Performance Team is designed for our dancers wanting to expand their experiences and be more serious about their dancing, without solely focusing on competing. 

Why join our Performance program??? …you receive the opportunity to meet new dancers, learn from various teachers, explore new styles, travel, and expand your knowledge and dancing abilities. With these experiences you will gain self-confidence, improve your social skills, learn to work in a team environment, overcome performing challenges, and be a role model for other dancers. We open our arms to dancers of various ages and levels as long as they are up for the dedication, and willingness to fulfill commitments. It is recommended to have previous dance experience and is directed at our more serious dancers, but on a performance level rather than a competition level.


Opportunities for the upcoming season

***Our main trip next season is to Lisbon, Portugal in February 2018!!!!

***Local performance opportunities will be at: 

  • The Springbank Fall Fair
  • Lilac Fest
  • The Children's Hospital


What’s required to be on our Performance Team???

Performance Team is designed for dancers age 7+.

In order to be considered for our Performance Team, each dancer must be in a regular technique class (this may include Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, or Contemporary). Dancers are also strongly encouraged to also participate in Musical Theatre. 

Performance Team members must be committed to attending their classes on a regular basis (dancers are not permitted to miss more than 1 class per month) and follow 'Attendance Policies' as such, as well as committing to all important dates for the year (rehearsals, shows, etc.).


What to do if you are interested... 

For local performance opportunities, please send us a quick email to let us know you're interested and we will forward to proper forms.

For information on our Portugal trip, please continue reading.



Lisbon, Portugal - February 17-25, 2018... 

***Please plan to attend the Information Meeting at the studio on Thursday September 14th @ 7:45pm