Proper Preparation Policies

For the month of September, the teachers will be very lenient on proper attire and footwear, as we ease back into the season.

Starting October however, strict attire guidelines are to be followed.

The first one or maybe two times your dancer comes unprepared to class, a reminder Notice will be sent home. After that, your dancer may be asked to sit out of the class and take notes on the lesson, rather than participating. Following this, and a phone conversation with the parents, your dancer may actually be removed from the class and program all together, or placed in a level lower or more recreational.


***Wearing proper attire and footwear ensures that your dancer is going to receive proper teaching and corrections, is executing steps safely, and it assists with proper progression throughout their class. However, it also creates equality in the classroom, a professional expectation and standard, and shows respect to the teacher.

Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

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