Recital Preparation Policies


*Each dancer is only permitted to miss 3 classes from the time recital routines are being taught (following the February break), to June 15th. Each time a dancer misses a class, choreography and blocking (where your dancer stands on stage), has to be re-taught and therefore takes up important time from the next class. We understand that there are definitely circumstances that can't be avoided however beyond missing 3 classes, your dancer will either not be permitted to participate in recital, or he/she may be given the option for private lessons to stay on top of the class work. Thank you for your understanding and attention in this regard



*Once routines are well under way, your dancers music will be posted on the website for them to download and access. We encourage all dancers to do this so they can review at home when necessary, or just become more familiar with their performance piece.



*Dancers are more than welcome to bring cameras into class if they wish to record what was taught. This is very useful to some dancers to watch at home and helps them to be able to progress and learn more each week. Parents, you may be invited in to film one week as well, or feel free to ask the instructors to pop in at the end of a class to video for your dancer.



*On top of attendance, we would just like to encourage your dancer to try and be on top of their routines and even working with their classmates to practice when possible. We will also be offering some Open Studio Time for your dancer to come in with their classmates in May/June to get that extra practice in (FREE Studio space for those who want it!). We put an emphasis on ensuring that your dancer is continuing to improve and learn throughout the entire season, however this does limit the instructors time they can spend on recital routines each week. Your dancers hard work and dedication to remembering their choreography can be hugely helpful in accomplishing this goal, while having a clean routine to perform for you at the end of the season!


Thank you very much for your attention to the foregoing and please ask questions if you have them!


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